Trust God with…

Trust God with…

One of the main ways we can trust God is through our generosity. When you commit to give a portion of your income back to God, through generosity, it cripples our enemy–the devil.

When that extra bill hits or the expenses bring extra anxiety, the temptation will be to turn that giving into spending. Caving to that temptation always shortcuts your spiritual growth. Maybe God wants to show you that He can provide. And when He does provide, your gratitude increases. Your trust increases. Your anxiety decreases.

Stay faithful to your giving and you will see Him meet your daily needs. Our prayer should be “Give us this day, our daily bread”

God is your source of security, not your savings, your investments, or all the extra stuff that you can accumulate. All that other stuff fades, breaks, needs maintenance and runs out. Only what God is doing in you, through you, through us (His church) is what lasts forever. Invest your resources in that.

Here’s how to give online to the mission of Radiant Life. We encourage you to set up a giving plan that is recurring.