Missions Update

Missions Update

The rest by list:


  • Shopping for bed parts
  • Bible study with Sergey #4 (Power of Jesus)
  • Leader’s meeting (planning Easter and Retreat)


  • Working on job description for LH workers with Amy and Steve
  • Bible study with Kira #6 (Disciple of Jesus)
  • Training in Children’s’ ministry (Super Book work and materials)


  • Buying materials for play ground
  • Meeting with lawyer (talking about how to deal with authorities in getting kids into the Light House/Bolat came with me)
  • Translating a lesson for praise team (from the book “The heart of the artist)
  • Bible study with Sergey #5 (let Sasha Perunov do it)
  • Rehearsal for Sunday worship


  • Bible study with Anya #7 (Light and Darkness)
  • Day off


  • Prayer meeting at the Church (praying for needs of Church members)
  • Working in the garden
  • Bible study with Sergey #5 (did it myself…)


  • Rehearsal
  • Worship
  • Anya’s baptism
  • Gathering of parents of the teenagers (rewarding them in front of everybody for different achievements)
  • Home bible study group at Katya’s


  • Office hours
  • Financial reports


  • Going to retreat place to check equipment and set it up with Sergei (took almost the whole day)
  • Leader’s meeting (planning Easter and Retreat)


  • Meeting with Amy and Steve (discussing theology of salvation)
  • Office hours / financial reports


  • Office hours / financial reports
  • Bible study with Kira #7 (Light and Darkness)
  • Office hours / financial reports
  • Writing weekly report
  • Bible study with Sergey #6 (Disciple of Christ)


Thank you all for your prayers and support!!!