Missions Update

Missions Update

Hello my dear brothers and sisters!

We have 3 children and they are on guest visits with us, we have them since New Year, a brother and a sister Lera and Valera and Serik. And 4 siblings from another family, they are also on guest visits with us for 1 month.

Guest visits means we host them 3 days from Friday till Sunday and all the vacations and holiday. We also have Dimash, he is 1 yo. We have had him on the patronage. And right now we are trying to adopt him, because we want to take him to the USA and have the operation there.

This week I have visited the orphanage number 1 and have asked them to give us more kids for patronage, they have promised to give us two brothers the Kuzmins 6 and 9 yo. Please pray for them. We wanted to have another girl Ayaulym but she was in a bad health condition and needed a special care we couldn’t help her and her disease cannot be cured and so we had to give her back to the orphanage.

We also keep trying to have our four kids permanently, but they have difficulties with docs as their dad is mentally disabled and he cannot sign the docs for adoption, so the orphanage is thinking how to help us. Please pray for it too. The administration is going to talk to the dad and explain to him that the option of living in the family is better for kids rather than them living in the orphanage and we are ready for dad to visit the kids every week.

Please pray for all of us and our ministry, we want changes to come to these children’s lives. And also for the wisdom for us how to raise them and how to help them to get adjusted. Thank you.