Missions Update

Missions Update

Bible studies with seekers:

Sergei (2 and 3 Uniqueness of Jesus and Who is Jesus)

Kira (5 – God’s Word)

Good thing that is encouraging me that my two students plan to bring their friends to the Church and I hope to train them to teach others by themselves. Sergey has already brought his friend to the youth      fun night on Friday and he wants to study Bible!

Training other:

Sasha – my ex light House student, wants to study to be a preacher and evangelist. First we talked about studying for four years in Russia, but today he finally started talking about studying here – in Almaty. He helps me a lot around the house and is studying how to teach Bible. He also meets and prays with our youth leader Sergey almost every day. Today I was dreaming about starting a small training program where young people could stay and eat at the Light House, help in ministry with the Church and orphans and I would teach and train them…

Slava – was helping me to do some Bible studies and tried to do some on his own, but he was not consistent enough. He would go with me to help and visit people and he loves to help others!

Interchurch prayer meeting (prayed for Light House ministry to break the wall of corruption and get the kids).

Preaching on Sunday “Be devoted to your Church body” (be devoted to Unity, Gatherings, Encouragement, Love, Serving, Tithing).

Volodya’s baptism (video, photos). Please pray for Volodya to now grow and mature in faith and that he would agree to go to the retreat with the Church.

Home group at ours (with Katya, Lena, Stas and Olga and us). We had very good time sharing our lives… Everybody are very open and caring and wanting to help. Please pray for Dima and Yulia to join our group.

Thank you for your prayers and your support!