Mission Update

Mission Update

“This will never work.” …How do you know?

“People just aren’t that willing to talk to you about God.”

One of our main hopes is not only for East Asian college students to be reached and transformed by the message of Jesus, but for them to also be passionate about seeing others encounter him.

In March, we held a two day training conference aimed primarily at teaching and helping students gain confidence in how to open up spiritual conversations and share the Gospel in a clear and understandable way, in order to give others the chance to know Jesus. In total, 18 students from four different areas completed the training. We had both East Asian and American staff teach the lessons, and I (Zach) had my first opportunity to teach at such a training. It was a huge honor, and a big challenge. As I prepared and taught the lesson, I was well aware of my weakness in the language and of the need for the Holy Spirit to be the true Teacher.

At the end of the second day, each of the younger students partnered with older believers and went on campus to share. I was with two guys, one of whom was ZY (who I have written about before), and the other was the student who said, “This will never work.” As we walked on campus, we prayed that God would fill us with his Spirit to faithfully share Christ, and that we would trust him with the results of the conversation.

We quickly met two guys with whom we were able to sit down and strike up a conversation. As I shared about some of the big life questions I wrestled with in college and how ultimately I took those questions to God, we asked if it would be okay to share with them about who God is and how they can know him. They were very willing and interested to listen, and my friend ZY – hands shaking at times – shared about how God loves us and made us to know him personally, but how our sin separates us from him and from experiencing his love, and how Jesus is the only solution to the problem of our sin. Finally, he shared how they could turn from their sin and through faith receive Jesus into their lives. Both guys were interested in learning more, and ZY invited them to go to church with him.

Walking away, I told ZY how proud I was of him, and how courageous I thought he was. The other guy, with wide eyes commented, “Wow, people really are willing to talk about spiritual things and let you share Jesus with them!” I was so thankful to have the chance to take steps like this along with these guys.

Through your partnership in the work of the Gospel here, by God’s’ grace we are seeing students grow in their relationship with Christ and in taking hold of the call to be His ambassadors here in East Asia!