Mission Update

Mission Update

Hello my dear friends!

  • Bible studies with seekers:

o  Lesson with Kira #4 “Power of Jesus”

o  Lesson with Sergei #2 “Uniqueness of Jesus” part 1b

o  Talked to Volodya one more time (done all lessons – decided to baptize him this Sunday. Please pray for him about that).

  • Prayer time for Church, it’s needs and it’s members’ needs (two brothers that I have been praying with for several years stopped coming. And now Sasha and Kairat joined me!).
  • Preaching on Sunday “It’s time to serve the Lord, because he gave us all strength that we need through Holy Spirit” (on the example from Acts how disciples of Jesus were empowered by Holy Spirit and hot having much physical resources achieved great things for the Lord!).


After Church we found a rabbit under my van. Now it is another inhabitant of the Light House


I let them swim in out sauna pool – they sure had a lot fun


Neat thing about this photo is that old LH kids are playing with new ones.. (The very first one with the last ones)


Saying goodbye to them for another 5 days, until next weekend. But soon is summer break! That would be three month of REAL life J


A road nearby in the morning. Those beautiful mountains are being held by Jesus…


Thank you for your prayers and support!

We sure love being on the same team with you serving our Lord in Kazakhstan!