Missions Update

Missions Update

Hello my dear friends!

Everything is well here in Almaty. The spring came but it’s not very hot – from 50F during the day to 32 during the night.

Our home Bible study group

We continue working on getting more kids to Light House. They have been collecting tons of documents as you have to have completely new set for every new child. So we are still hoping to get another girl for foster care. And they have been promised four more kids as “Guest family” (for weekends, school breaks and holydays). First they said we could have them for foster care (their mother rejected them), but now they say that there is disabled father who is strongly oppose for children to live the orphanage. And they would not give us his contacts so we could explain him that we want to help and not hurt. We will see how it turns out. The children want to live with us. But even if we have them only for guest family we can still help and influence them a lot. Especially at school breaks and especially during the summer one.. We also continue working on future surgeries for Dimash. Dr. Amy is helping us to write a description of his condition. So far we received a letter from http://www.facethechallenge.org/ with a possibility to send him to Denver. Please pray for those situations.

Good news was that one of another of our Light House graduates – Zhanna received an apartment. It’s a government program and Zhanna had to save for that and will continue paying but not a lot. She got keys to it on Saturday!

Another good news in our family that my mother finally bought an apartment close to Moscow. Orehovo-Zuevo. Now she will be close to her two other children and two other grandchildren. That apartment is only 230 square feet, but she has all the documents and doesn’t owe anything on it. After living for 20 years in apartment without documents – it’s an end of test. She has no more stress and feels very good now! Thank you all for your prayers!

On Sunday God blessed me with new Bible study with Kira. This Thursday we are supposed to have our first class. This is a prayer for children before they go to Sunday school.

Our youth ministry “Pulse” is planning for another evangelistic camp this Summer and needs all the support they can get. Here is a link to video about last camp. So, if you would like to receive their news and pray for them, you can subscribe to their newsletter here.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

We also thank God for you and pray that he would bless you many times more!