Missions Update

Missions Update

Our Church building registration was postponed twice. First – the president came to Almaty and they cancelled the meeting (that makes a decision) last week – the head of religious department left to capital and they could not do it without him. Now we hope that this Thursday they would MEET and SIGN! That is rock that we are trying to move for several years..

I have studied Bible with him and he has married one of our sisters in Christ from our congregation. He likes running and hiking and is going to run a marathon together with me on April 24th. We met with him last Saturday to talk about life. I was trying to show him that the root of his problems is that he is still afraid to make decision to be baptized and receive the Holy Spirit. All his family is “orthodox and he is afraid of their reaction, because they think we are a sect. He understands that that is between whom he loves the most – God or his family.

Raushan is in charge of our elderly ministry. She spend her own money to help them with their needs, visits them regularly, buys them medicines, cleans their houses etc. She has organized Zhenya and I to go visit her last week. She is 89 and was very happy to see us.

Yesterday I visited Larisa and Timur. She is young lady that was left by the father of her son and then kicked out of the house. So she is renting a place and has to live her son for the whole day home alone. She turns him on a computer with internet and he is watching educational videos and then plays games. When she comes home in the evening she checks what he has studied. It’s a very hard life for her, but she never complains.

I continue “finishing” remodeling Just the kitchen is left in this project. And then I need to think how to insulate bedrooms on third floor.

Please pray for Aigulya – she has been sick last week or more. Every time something new is thought of and we do not for sure what it is. She says that one of the reasons that he room is always changing temperature – cold/hot. It doesn’t keep the heat in. I do not know for sure how to fix it, but insulate the walls from outside. One of our buys from the orphanage – Valera was very sad last time we took him back to the orphanage – he wants to stay home. I tried to

encourage him that they have promised us that by the summer we will have them in foster care. Please pray for that too (Lera, Valera and Serik).