Missions Update

Missions Update

This week I was helping again Raya. I picked her up in the mountains (it takes 4-wheel drive to get there) and brought her for MRI. It showed that she does have a cyst and in need of operation. But she also has diabetes and her daughter wrote a “renouncement” because she is afraid Raya will not make it through the surgery and recovering process. Our International Medical Center offered me a free doctor to visit her at her home and teach her how to control her blood pressure and blood sugar. I hope we can do it this week.

We finished our two last Bible studies with Volodya last week. He was happy to meet me at this house. Every time he would serve me a meal and last two times we also played chess . It was very good time, we have talked not only about studies but about life, marriage, sport etc. Please pray for him to make a decision for Christ and for me to find another open heart that I could teach.

Meeting Amy and Steve became a part of our life here in Almaty. They are getting ready to open a rehab center for single mothers and consulting ministry and we work closely together. Steve and I go to gym three times a week and we decided to meet twice a month for sharing and prayer time. They are counting on our advice and also helping a lot with our kids and Light House children as Amy is a doctor. They are a blessing for us and our ministry and we hope to be a help for them too. Tomorrow we may go see another potential property for their future ministry.

St.Valentine’s Day as every year we meet with Church body just to have fun. We have played “Banko” is it became the favorite game of the Church for many years. Any quantity of people can play – you just need one table and three dice for every four players. Tea, desserts, conversations, new people and a lot of photos and good memories. The main prize was won by Light House graduate Sveta, who live in the youth house now and is very poor, but she gave it to Aigulya (our LH minister) because it was her birthday! Kairat also made a little video.

This Sunday I was preaching on Titus 3 – “Be devoted to good works”. It was one of the shortest sermons that I remember (18 minutes). This year we want to talk more about being devoted to God and His goals in our life and I think this one is one of the most important ones. We had guests the rest of the day in our house on top of 10 kids from three families .