Missions Update

Missions Update

Light House:

Kids Status:

Our three children Lera, Valera and Serik are still on  guest family status. We take them home Friday night and bring them back to the orphanage Sunday evening. Recently they promised to us that by summer their documents will be done and we would be able to take them for good in May. But prayers can make it happen sooner. We have got a call from a lady that is begging us to take her five children until they turn 18, because she doesn’t have husband or relatives and cannot take care of them. The youngest is 4 months old and the oldest is 9 or 12. Bolat is meeting with her in the educational department office to see what we are allowed to do in helping her. The hardest thing for us is that she still wants to visit them 4 times a week.There is also another girl that we a looking at taking from another orphanage, but haven’t had the time yet because Dimash’s surgery preparation and him being ill takes a lot of time from Bolat. Dimash’ surgery was postponed because he got a virus. We now give him antibiotics and today he had to vaccinations done, so it’s going to take some time before he will be ready for and operation.


We are coming to the end remodeling room on the first floor that will serve as place for our last teenage orphan Slava until he moves out in September of this year and then I plan to use it for guests and missionaries and workers and interns that come to visit and help.
We have finished two bunk beds for kids adding side boards and ladders, so they can climb and sleep on the upper beds safely.
Thanks to another Almaty CC and to NACC – we have got three new carpets and kids love them. Laying on them, playing on them and even sleeping on them J. It makes floor warm and comfortable. After Slava moves out from another bedroom on the third floor next week, we will need to fix it also, so we can divide boys and girls in separate bedrooms. The main problem with that room that it’s cold and we will have to insulate ceilings and some of the walls.


Spring Church retreat-

We have made the down payment for the camp and singed the agreement. So no the dates are fixed to May 7th-9th and price will 11000 tenge for bed and food and 2000 for transportation.

Building registration-

I have called the lawyer and she said that it’s going well and we almost through the committee that examines and signs it and asked me to give her another call at the end of the month.

Missionary permits-

They have promised that they will be ready today in the afternoon. So I will be calling them at 3pm and see if are legal to preach for next Sunday.
Thank you for your care and attention to our work here in Almaty!