Mission Update

Mission Update

Finishing what was started before.

Year 2015 we continued with 5 students from regional orphanage number 1. It was Slava and Lara Balashovy, Lida Busygina, Indira Bekbatyrova and Anton Demyanenko. We also had Alesha Kazakov for a little bit (their class mate and friend of Slava), but he went to study to another city and Sasha Perunov from the same orphanage (left Light House before time). All of them accepted Christ in baptism: Alesha, Lida, Slava, Sasha, Lara, Anton and Indira. I had to ask Indira to live for behavior problems, Sasha left because (as he said) he could not stay in one home with Lida, Anton was doing so good in youth ministry reaching out new people and being a source of energy for the group, but devil tempted him and he ran way with a women (I was told – a wife of another man).  Alesha as I said moved out to Taldykorgan to study, he finished it this summer and now is working in a neighboring town. Lida and Lara reached the age of 22 this summer and left Light House on 30th of August. I have found them a house for rent nearby and helped them to move. Slava is still 21 and has another year to stay in the Light House – until the end of the summer of 2016. But he may get an apartment from government before that. Lara and Slava are the only ones who come to church every Sunday. Sasha shows up once in a while, we haven’t seen Lida in since summer. Lara is on the praise team and Slava has a servant’s heart – if someone needs help – he will go where ever is needed and give everything he has and has not to help! I love and believe in all of those people, besides, may be, Indira, I have doubts about her, it seems that she just used the situation, but who knows – may be God will win her for His kingdom.

New beginning.
September , October, November was hard work on fixing the Light House. I think that we have done a LOT more then what we have planned in the beginning. And house looks great and has for sure better value than before. Here are the photos of the process. We have some small things to finish like beds for children, insulate roof in playroom, finish first floor inn (I hope it becomes an apartment for guests to live while they come and visit J) and some other small here and there things.

Bolat and Aigul were hard working helping with remodeling and then for about a month already they are working on papers. They have gone to all the orphanages possible many times and visited the authorities countless number of times. Here are some photos of orphans they were visiting. They have finally got approved one 8 month boy with a cleft lip and he should move into the Light House as a foster child about 10th of January (because of the holydays mainly). They have to collect another set of papers from doctors and tax police and work and school etc. for every child they take. Plus they have not earned the trust of the authorities yet and need to prove it with first two – three children, at least, before they could take more.

Please pray: for God to take the children, He wants us to take care of, from the state system and give them to us in a near future. For Bolat and Aigul hearts and bodies to be ready for that service.