Mission Update from MYM

Mission Update from MYM

We hope and trust that you are doing well. We are excited to share what has been going on with Make Your Mark in Ethiopia. It is amazing at how God is taking that which was lost, hopeless, broken, ashamed and then completely restoring and redeeming street children’s lives. There is really no words that can explain what is happening here, but we have put this video together to try our best to show you.

The beginning of the video has some hard images to take in as this is the issue that God has called MYM to engage.  You’ll see the process of MYM meeting kids in the streets, coming to the day center, then transformation. We don’t use these images to exploit, degrade or strike guilt driven donations; but rather to show the reality of these beautiful children’s situation. And also to show that even in the mist of this chaotic darkness, there is hope and His name is Jesus. Its to celebrate the life changing power of how God can take a child from the streets to the waters of baptism.

Streets to Baptism

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The 1st Annual MYM Gala Dinner

Last December God put it on the heart of Paul Taylor, a MYM supporter, to help raise money for MYM and we are thankful he was obedient in this matter. The first annual MYM Gala was held on October 24, 2015 at the Speedway Club in Charlotte, NC. It was a beautiful evening as we were able to glorify God at how He is changing lives in Charlotte, NC and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Two of Charlotte’s youth shared testimony, one spoke of how MYM has been a consistent source of encouragement through the hardest times and how the men leaders stepped in as father figures for her. The other shared his gift of music by singing a beautiful original song he wrote.

The night was closed with 13 year old Kiki Post sharing how her birth mother started living in the streets of Ethiopia at 9 yrs old and at the age of 11 was sold into sex trafficking. Then  became pregnant at 13 and tried to abort her 5 times and at 14 gave birth to her on the street, not in a hospital. She went on to share their life on the streets before being adopted. Afterwards, Trent Post shared an uncomfortable message of how children are living in the streets, but also the beautiful truth of how God loves these children as He is changing their lives and MYM just gets to be a part of the holy process.

The Gala goal was $100,000 and in one night God put the right hearts in the room, $71,000 was raised and we are very thankful for everyone who attended and gave so generously. We hope you’re all blessed, as together we get to join in the work of God. Please plan to be at next years Gala to celebrate more of what God is doing through all of us.