Mission Update

Mission Update

This season, we’re thankful for you!

We wouldn’t be able to do this ministry work without your partnership.

We know it’s not a right, but a privilege to be partnered with you,
and we thank God for you!

Please read below for a quick ministry update for Jacob and Angela…


Over the Summer I remember Jesus whispering this to me on the Charlotte freeway.

Since then He’s opened up teaching 6 conferences in 7 months, as well as several training opportunities.
I guess this is what I’m supposed to be focusing on for now!

In addition to praying for these, our hope for you is that you get to experience what you are supporting through prayer and giving. It would mean a great deal to us both if you came to one of these teachings so we can “show” as well as “tell” you what we are up to.



Jacob & Angela

Dear friends and family,The question of my heart recently seems to be “God, what’s next?” My position at work is radically transitioning…and I’m not sure what shape it is taking. Will I be passionate about a new role? Is this what the Lord is calling me to?Jake’s missionary support is down $1,000 monthly, which is always a big deal. We need his full support as we dream of starting our family, concluding our CARES contract and buying a house…this upcoming year! Jesus, what’s next? We know He is big enough!

We are excited to have recently joined Eternal Church, in Fort Mill, SC! Don Logan, a friend from Guatemala, is the pastor. We’re happy to be here!

God’s best,