Mission Update from Zach and Emily

Mission Update from Zach and Emily


Today in language class I (Emily) learned how to say the names of lots of different fruits. Many were familiar- apple is ping guo, banana is xiangjiao, orange is juzi, but many were completely new to me- shanzhu doesn’t even have an English translation. One of the beautiful things about the part of the country we live in is the variety and abundance of fresh fruits. I love to go to the market and buy new fruits and discover what they taste like!


As we are continuing to settle in to life here, we are seeing the Lord provide new fruit that only He can provide. Over the past couple of weeks we have seen multiple stories of the Lord at work here. A student involved in our ministry (her English name is also Emily) recently shared the gospel with her roommate, who then accepted Christ and has already been interested in learning how to grow. Emily is a student who herself only accepted Christ last spring, yet she is already being used to produce more fruit! A male student, Chen, recently accepted Christ as well and is eager to learn more about the Bible and about what it looks like to follow Jesus!


I got to have lunch today with two freshmen girls. One told me that she is a Christian but the other said she has no belief because most people in East Asia have no beliefs. It was so encouraging to meet a believing student and to see my one question of “I am a Christian. What do you believe?” spark a conversation between two friends who had previously never discussed their beliefs. I have already planned to meet again with these two girls and am excited to connect the one who is a Christian to other believing students in our ministry.


I am also really excited about my teacher! I never thought that at the age of 27 I would enjoy going back to school, but I do! My teacher’s English name is Betty. We have one-on-one class 10 hours/week. I have already learned a lot of the language from her but even more so have enjoyed the quick friendship that has developed between us. Betty does not believe in any religion or God but openly asks me questions about what I believe. I am praying for more opportunities to share with Betty and for the Lord to soften her heart towards Him as our friendship grows.

Thank you for being a part of the Lord’s work here along with us!!


Zach & Emily


Praises & Prayer Requests

– We were able to go out of town for a weekend to celebrate our first wedding anniversary and had a great time!

– We are continuing to feel more and more settled here!

– Our female team leader has stepped down for personal reasons and Emily has been asked to step into the role of leading. Pray for us as we adjust to this new layer of transition.

– Pray for the students we are meeting to desire to know the Lord and for the believing students like Emily to take bold steps to share their faith.