Missions Update from Sasha

Missions Update from Sasha

Hello my dear friends!!

Sorry for a long time of silence!

Summer youth camp  The fruits of summer camp are obvious. Our team was able not just build relationships with those guys, but several of them keep coming to the Fun club every Friday and one of them is already studying Bible with Sergei (our youth ministry leader). I can also add to that that through working in the camp our team of youth leaders have grown a lot and became more mature! So thank you very much for providing for this camp! And we hope that next year you may even come and participate in it!

Vacation in Siberia. Besides that we have built floors in four rooms, fixed porch, installed toilet, shower cabin and bathroom furniture for our parents, we have also been able to attend three different Churches in Barnaul, Biisk and Troitsk. Driving back was a little challenging. My new generator belts stretched and generator did not give charge to the battery or power to the car. So we could not use air conditioner and it was really hot. I was afraid my lights would go off and police would fine me (you have to have them on driving here all the time), but we have prayed and they stayed on all the way! I could only charge my battery on neutral gear, so – on gas station or going downhill.

Aigulya comes back and moves in the LH. Aigul and Bulat moved in the Light House and started working on papers and cleaning out the house and helping with painting etc. Bulat is still working his job until the 18th of September. His boss is trying to talk him into staying because many clients highly appreciate him and company will lose some rich clients because of Bulat’s quitting working there. I have encouraged him that he is doing the right thing for the Lord, but it is still hard for him to leave stable job that he had for 9 years. We have almost done with the papers by now and hope to get Aigulya’s registration done soon. There is some difficulties, but we hope to overcome those with God’s help. We are also preparing for a checkup from the officials. They want to see a nice and comfortable place for kids to live in… We still have a lot to do in that direction and are not getting enough help there.

Lida and Lara moved out of the Light House and we are working on their room right now. They have rented out a house not far from us. We continue helping them in the way we can, invite them to our Monday night Bible study and pray that they would stay faithful to the Church. Lara has been at Church every Sunday and is still playing base, but Lida had been busy with work. They need our prayers for they spiritual wellbeing and for getting apartments of their own.

Bible lessons. I continue teaching Bible basics on Saturdays and we video record it to use as a handout to seekers in the future. I also teach Monday class for Aigulya, Bolat, Slava, Lara, Lida, Kairat and my family; I plan to lead another small group on Fridays and continue preparing lessons for our praise team on Sundays. We have finished Bibles study series with Gleb and he was baptized by Misha while I was still on vacation.  Misha studied Bibles with Nastya.

There is, of course, a lot more to write about one month of life with God, but, I hope, I didn’t miss anything important. I will try to report to you in a week from now.

Blessings and love from KZ!