Missions Update from MYM

Missions Update from MYM

Dear Friend, Family, Partners  & Potential Partner:

We hope this letter finds you well.  We are writing to share about an amazing event that the Lord has placed before us.

Not everyone is called to the front lines to fight the enemy head on.  However we are called in many other ways; we can volunteer our time, we can donate clothes, food & supplies OR we can help financially.

Most of you know that Make Your Mark was born in 2008 when two missionaries immersed themselves into a neighborhood full of drug deals, prostitution, gun shots & addicts by moving into the inner city of Charlotte, NC to work with the youth.  After many trips to Ethiopia, Africa; in 2012 MYM expanded its reach into the streets of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Today MYM has programs in both Charlotte, North Carolina, & Addis Ababa, Ethiopia working with vulnerable children and families.

Everyday these children face horrific challenges such as; dropping out of school, pressure to join gangs, living in fear of physical and sexual abuse, hunger, life threaten sicknesses and loneliness. MYM is reaching out to these vulnerable children and creating safe environments of love, encouragement, training, discipleship and a life of rehabilitation.  The goal is to tap into the potential inside of each child, with a strategic plan of attack, as they go head-to-head with the one who wants to destroy each life (the enemy of God).

Their goals are to empower children to overcome these challenges through mentoring, education, family enrichment and transitioning children from living in the streets to placing them into families.  They also educate the local people on Biblical Orphan Care and ‘At-Risk’ Youth Ministry.

We are writing you for two reasons.  First, and most importantly, would you commit to praying for the children, the missionaries and even the fundraising teams?  God works in amazing ways when His people pray!  Second, would you consider partnering with us financially by becoming a sponsor at our event?

Our total fundraising goal for this year is $100,000, a number provided by the King of Kings Himself!  The money raised will make a huge impact on the lives of so many children that are struggling day to day.  It will also make a vast influence on the missionaries that listened to the call God placed on their lives by moving their families to the front lines!

We pray that you are obedient to what the Lord has called you to do with this request. He is amazing and we could not do this on our own.  We are totally depending on the Lord and His will; He will most certainly receive all the glory!

Thank You in advance for your prayers and for your gift in helping make a difference in the lives of so many children!