Missions Update from MYM

Missions Update from MYM

Dear Kingdom Builder,

We hope and trust that you are doing well. We are excited to share what has been going on with Make Your Mark in Ethiopia. Wow, so much has gone on since our last update with many challenges faced, victory’s won, celebrations and street boys being redeemed by God’s grace and love. Thank you for always taking the time to read, pray and support what God is doing through Make Your Mark.

Tough Month for Ministry:

   About a month ago the government began to clean up the streets for the elections and loaded up thousands of street kids to dropped them off at various locations all over Ethiopia. Out of our remaining six street boys two managed to not be captured, leaving the other four missing. So we began to pray specifically that God would either lead us to them or either help them to escape and find their way back to us. Wouldn’t you know that our Heavenly Father would answer and one day one of our boys showed up saying he had escaped from being held in a room all day long with the door locked; so he busted out a window and climbed over a wall. A couple days later another one of our boys came back to us saying all he was fed was rice with a little bit of salt for every meal and that he was there with hundreds of other kids. We were so excited that God answered us precisely and although we’re still missing two boys we will continue to go ALL-OUT for HIS chosen ones. We couldn’t possibly let them go back to the streets to only be taken away again, so we have created a temporary housing for them until they are reunited with their families.

Another HUGE challenge that we are facing is
 our existing house parents for the PLF home have decided that they do not want to fulfill their two year commitment being mom and dad to our boys Abi, Santayo, Mikki and Ashenafi. This has saddened us deeply and  we are seeking God’s wisdom on how and when to tell the boys. Please pray with us.

How your giving makes an impact:
 While we are facing many challenges, there have been reasons to celebrate. The three boys that God has given us to pour into during this season, all three of them gave their live to Jesus. It is amazing to watch the Holy Spirit begin to change their ideas about life and what they think of themselves. Danny for instance was looking at a recent photo of himself and he said, “Is that really me?” Yes of course he looks different on the outside, but the Spirit was letting him see himself in a new light. Thank you for supporting MYM, as God is using us to change lives for eternity.

Danny entering the day center after living eight years on the streets.

Danny today! This is why MYM exist, to see transformations like this. Pray for Danny as he is having some natural fears about his family reintegration pre-visit, wondering if anyone is alive.
Tedessa has shown great promise from the beginning as he has worked really hard to come off the streets.

He has one of the greatest smiles and he is excited to be going back home. He also has fears of returning, so please keep him in you prayers.

Aduna came to us scared, timid and always seemed distant during any activities. After finding out his story of his step-dad shooting his mother and paralyzing her; we realized why.

But Praise God and his life changing power as today Aduna is full of life, participates in all programs and he is very excited to go back to his mother to help her. Also, miraculously when she heard her sons voice by phone she started to become stronger and is now able to walk on crutches.
 Sadly we had to release one of our boys due to his actions as we have a no stealing policy and he had been climbing in an office window during the day and stealing a significant amount of money. Praise God  we were able to reunite him with his brother who would take him to his mother in the countryside. God used a bad situation for good and Tamiratt has returned home to his family. He called the social worker the other day to inform her that he was safe and very happy to be home. His mother shared her joy for her son had returned home and gave us many blessings. We would like to pass these blessings of life change onto you because your giving makes it all possible.


With great excitement we can announce that Ryan and Courtney Thomas will be moving to Addis Ababa Ethiopia with their 4 yr old daughter Nara as Make Your Mark Missionaries. Ryan will be Discipleship Coordinator and be responsible for the spiritual development of the MYM street children, KKH families and educating and mobilizing the local church in biblical orphan care. They will be a huge blessing to the overall success of the ministry. Please pray for their family as they say goodbye on July 18th to all they have ever known.

Prayer Request

  • That God would bring committed new house parents for the PLF Home.
  •  Pray that God would prepare the PLF boys hearts for this news and that HE will hold them tight allowing the enemy to have NO WAY in their lives.
  • All our day center boys would stay focused on returning home.
  • The Thomas Family moving
  • We’re starting outreach for new boys. Pray that God would lead us to the ones that are ready.
  • For God’s spirit to be at work in the local church, birthing a local adoption/foster care movement.
  • For Sarah Lewis as she served the Post Family for five months and has now returned home.
  • Pray for the Post Family’s Ethiopian big kids as they will be taking final exams next week; Lucy Grade 12, Elani Grade 9, Alebechew Grade 9.

Unexpected URGENT Need

We have a need that’s come up as the owner of the MYM House (day center) as presented us with the option to pay another years rent ahead of time, in order to extend our contract and give us three years at the same rental price.. This is a blessing as it is very common in Ethiopia at the time of renewal, the home owners will double the price of the rent. This was a huge stress last year as we had to move from our original center because of this. With paying the whole year up front it will be $18,000 and we’ve already had $5,000 given.Therefore, we are asking you to pray and see if the Lord would have you help us reach the other $13,000.