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When we look around and see specific areas where the fabric of our world is breaking apart, we are SENT by God to RE-WEAVE it back together with the cords of grace and peace, motivated by love. Receivers of God’s grace become givers of grace. Receivers of God’s love, love. Those who’ve been rescued by God, become rescuers. We were not called to STAY. As Jesus followers, God says “GO!” That’s our mission from God. During this series, we will give you access to many of our local and foreign mission partners. We are inviting representatives from these mission partnerships to set up a booth and join us for worship on Sunday, Sept 24th. You will be able to engage them with your questions and potentially plug your family and life group into bringing grace and peace both locally and abroad.


Time and Location

Times & Location

We would be honored to have you join us this weekend.

Radiant Life Fellowship meets at Blythe Elementary School, located in Huntersville NC.

Sundays | 10:00am


Blythe Elementary School

12202 Hambright Rd Huntersville, NC 28078