Current Sermon Series

Our current series: Super Natural

Over Two thousand years ago, something SUPERNATURAL filled a small gathering of people in a middle-eastern city. Those early Jesus-Followers began a supernatural movement that would circle the globe and impact individuals and cultures on every continent. This movement would eventually become known as The Church.

The Bible book of Acts walks us through the story of the birth and the spread of the church. Over the next several weeks, we will study the Book of Acts as we explore God’s supernatural power breaking through into the world—and into our own personal circumstances.

Time and Location

Times & Location

We would be honored to have you join us this weekend.

Radiant Life Fellowship meets at Blythe Elementary School, located in Huntersville NC.

Sundays | 10:00am


Blythe Elementary School

12202 Hambright Rd Huntersville, NC 28078